It Feels Like the World is Holding its Breath

13 April 2020   |   Kim Vann

It is so quiet. Have you noticed?

It’s eerie at times how quiet it is. It feels both holy and foreboding, ominous.

Can you feel this? 

I can.

It can feel like a weight heavy on my heart, yet at other times I feel full of hope and possibilities.  Holding the tension between these two extremes, these opposites, gets confusing and overwhelming at times.  There is so much grief and suffering across the planet, how can I possibly feel and sense hope right now?  But I do.

It’s an energy within me which feels as though all of us in this amazing human race have found a commonality. But really, it’s a memory, an instinctual felt-sense each one of us have always had – the knowledge of what we have in common – our humanity. Our shared humanity. It’s a shared understanding and knowledge – regardless of our differences, that we are all here together, we are all in this together.  Do you feel it too?

Have you taken a moment to pause and listen?  Do you sense a unity building in our world because of this shared experience? Because of this common thread flowing between each human being?  No matter who you are, how wealthy or poor, no matter where you live, we each are experiencing something no one ever has in our lifetime.  Do you sense it too? 

I feel we as humans across this vast world have united within our hearts.  Each of us feels the grief, the fear, the hope that is being portrayed to us, shared with us – 24/7. Each one of us can FEEL this.  I believe we are being asked to pause.  I feel we are being challenged to listen, to look within ourselves and to our world at how we have been living. I believe we are being asked to think about what is most important to each of us.

The need to pause in my own life became apparent weeks before the reality of what was spreading across our world was really discussed, at least in the US.  As I paid attention to my nightly dreams and to the stirrings within me, I was able to hear that still, small voice tell me to pause, to reflect on what I’m doing and where my life is going. These feelings and messages were confusing and, in some ways, disheartening for me. You see, I have been on an inner journey for quite some time and through all I’ve learned, all the insight and growth I’ve gained over the years, to find I need to stop and assess what is next for me came as a big surprise. A discouragement almost. But I listened. I paused.

I paused in the work efforts I have been putting forth to grow my own business. I paused in the promotion of my self as a Dream Worker and Spiritual Director. I paused and found that more inner work is needed. The process of learning more about who I am needs to continue, perhaps in a different way. How was I to know that within a month, the entire country, the world would also be asked to pause?

Is your own heart asking you to not only pause, not only stay home, but to reflect on what matters most to you? To look at how you are living on this precious place we call earth? Does it impact you at all to learn that the air is clearing around the world?  Waters are clearing around the world. The sounds we hear are now different and the vibrations worldwide have reduced. The results of this pause have been astounding!  Can you feel it? Can you see it?


to see what we will do next.

Won’t you join me in this time, in this space, to breath, to reflect, to pause?