Meet Kim:  
Hi! I’m Kim. Thanks for visiting my website!  I believe you found your way here for a reason, so listen to whatever is stirring you, intriguing you, or just asking you to question your world, your life as you currently know it. Listen. Follow. Trust.

I understand this stirring, this longing that rises, often seemingly out of no where because it also happens with me. It isn’t always easy or even possible it seems to follow these feelings that arise within us but I know from experience that if the stirring is something within you that is true for you, it will continue to bubble up.  In my early 20’s, questions started rising within me.  The question “Isn’t there more?”, along with a felt, bodily sense of longing began. I continued in the career path though, but the sense that I also need to create space, create time for myself, create opportunities for creative outlets to express themselves within me remain a constant fellow companion, sometimes not a welcome one. Why? For me, I find that ignoring or denying this desire always makes me feel bad about myself. Grief may rise up, along with fear and even shame. Something within me wants more. For years I thought I was just not satisfied with my life or that I had the mindset – the grass is always greener over there…, but I now know, that is not it. My “Inner Divine, God Within” is emerging when these feelings, these longings surface. Something within me wants my attention and wants me to listen. Do you feel this too?

Do these feelings or longings rise up when you stare out your window and get lost in daydreams? Do they rise when you hear the joyous laughter of children playing? Perhaps when a memory flashes from your childhood and you are filled with various emotions? Or are images, memories, people coming up in your nightly dreams? If you can relate to any of this or if you just feel a reaction, consider that you may be ready to start your own journey. Your journey will not be like mine but I can guide you, help you. I won’t tell you the answers necessarily, as only you know them, but I can help ask the questions and hold space for you as you consider who you are, what’s next for you, and many other questions.

After graduating from Radford University with a degree in geography, I began working in the field of land use planning and later crime prevention planning, all the while seeking a relationship with my Inner Spirit. I identify this inner knowing, this inner presence, as God. I am Christian, but lean towards the spiritual. In 2010, I learned of spiritual direction and began working with a Spiritual Director in Richmond, VA. At that time, pieces of life’s puzzle began to fit together for me. In 2015, a ‘life-changing’ dream occurred, and the journey as a seeker began in earnest.  I am a certified Spiritual Director and a certified Dream Work Facilitator, having received my certifications from The Haden Institute in Asheville, NC. I am a member of Spiritual Directors International (SDI) and I am also a mentor in the Dream Work Facilitator program with Haden Institute.  

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