Spiritual Direction:

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What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction offers you the opportunity to explore a deeper relationship with your own spirit, your “True Self”.  For many, spirit may be defined as God within or your Inner Divine. Spiritual direction is a time of deep listening. It’s a sacred space without judgement and, as a certified Spiritual Director, I will be a companion walking alongside you as you continue on your journey. I will guide you as you seek to learn more about yourself and your relationship with God of your understanding.

Who comes to spiritual direction and why?

Spiritual direction is often sought out by someone who wishes to deepen their relationship with God, their Higher Power, their Inner Divine or to grow in one’s own personal spirituality. Seekers who come to spiritual direction are often looking to better understand themselves, their journey through life. You may feel that something is missing in your life, or perhaps you are in transition and you wish to gain better insight to where you are being led. You may simply feel ‘led’ to walk with someone who listens deeply to your story.

What happens during a session?

It is the Spiritual Director’s job to create a safe space for you to come to that will allow you to share your stories, your life. Listening without judgement is part of the focus of the Director, allowing for silence, helping your authentic self be known, allowing you to see what is already within you.


What faith tradition is spiritual direction?
Spiritual direction can be found in all faith traditions – Christian, Buddhism, Eastern-Philosophy, Islamism, Judaism, etc.
Finding The Thread is open to all faith paths, including those who have little experience with spiritual matters or who don’t consider themselves spiritual at all.

What can you expect from me?

Spiritual direction works from the same ethical standards found in counseling. The information shared will be kept in strictest confidence as far as the law will allow and the dignity of each client will be held sacred. You can expect me to continue to grow as a professional through continued training, spiritual practices, and self-care.

Spiritual direction is offered as a one-to-one private session, a group session, or through video calling such as Zoom.  Spiritual direction works from the premise that we each already hold the answers or the understanding we seek within us. I will simply help you to tap into that knowing or awareness.


Clients and I generally meet once a month for an hour, but the frequency is flexible and based on your needs. Group sessions are priced based on the number of participants and will be listed on the Workshops-Events page or on Facebook when offered. If you would like to arrange for a private group of your own participants, I can do that as well. Please contact me to learn more about starting your journey.


Hourly (in person or virtual) – $75 for one hour

Four Session package (in person or virtual) – $280 ($20 savings)

Spiritual direction is not counseling.  Spiritual direction is not therapy.  Spiritual direction should not be used in place of counseling or therapy.

(Discounts available for Haden Institute SD/DW students. Sliding scale opportunities available.)

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Dream Work:

Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean?

What Is a Dream?  A dream can be described as images, thoughts, and/or emotions we experience when we sleep. We have little to no control of these experiences that come to us as we sleep. 

Why is it important to pay attention to our Dreams?

Our ancestors around the world and in all religions believed in and worked with dreams. Carl Jung and many others believed that our dreams put us in touch with God of our understanding (God/Divine). Dreams also offer insight into our own personal growth and problem solving. Dreams come to us in the service of health and wholeness, telling us what we don’t know.

Dream Work: What is it?

Dream work is a way of paying attention to our dreams and honoring them. Dream work can include many different techniques, all designed to find ways we each can better understand what our dreams are trying to tell us. Dream work is one way each of us can deepen our relationship with God/Divine and with one’s inner self.

A Jewish Sage once wrote, “If a dream is like a letter, then there is someone who sent it.” If we receive a dream, the dream is showing us that there is a connection between our inner self and the one who sent the dream. Dream work is a way of creating and continuing that relationship. Dream work is also a way of consciously getting in touch with God’s/Divine’s will for our lives.

Types of Dream Work

There are a variety of ways one can practice dream work: alone, with a trained Dream Worker, with a friend, or as a member of a Dream Group. Finding The Thread offers you an opportunity to work your dreams one-on-one with a trained Dream Worker or in a group setting led by a trained Dream Worker.

Dream Groups

Dream groups give people who are seeking an understanding of their sleeping dreams an opportunity to share and to explore their dreams in a safe space. Group members will take turns sharing a dream while the other members listen, imagining the dream as their own. By taking the dream as your own, group members have an opportunity to reflect on what meaning the dream may hold for them. In this group setting, each member then has the opportunity to offer their own perspective or meaning of the dream. The different perspectives are referred to as “associations or projections”. By offering associations and projections of your own insights or meanings from the dream, it helps not only the dreamer, but also each member, to develop new insights, deepen their own understanding of the dream and of themselves.

What happens during a one-on-one session?

I will create a safe space to help the dreamer find meaning in their dream and I will listen deeply for what the Mystery, God/Divine is bringing to the dreamer   In one-on-one sessions, unlike group dream work, I will ask direct questions of the images and symbols the dreamer presents from a dream. These questions will help the dreamer to look deeper to any associations or potential meaning held there. When universal symbols and images appear, such as water, trees, a cross, a car, bus, house, room, etc., the universal meanings often found in them may ring true for the dreamer, but each image needs to be considered as it relates to the dream and to the dreamer – in the context of one’s life. The symbols each of us find in our dreams may have similar associations to the universal meanings, but what they mean or what energy they hold, may be very different for each person.

Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), a Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist, believed that only the dreamer can know the meaning of his/her dream but that a dream worker can assist the dreamer in an understanding of the images, questions, and meanings the dream may hold for them.


There are a variety of opportunities at Finding the Thread to learn more about what meaning your dreams may hold. One can take advantage of group dream work, individual dream work, and informational sessions or training’s. Training’s can be held on such topics as:

  • Dreams and Dream Work
  • Introduction to Dream Groups
  • Other topics relating to dreams and dream work

With individual sessions we generally meet for an hour and the frequency is flexible and based on your needs. Dream group sessions vary based on the number of meetings held for each group and will be listed on the Workshops-Events page or on Facebook when offered.  Please contact me to learn more about starting your dream work exploration.


Hourly (in person or virtual) – $75 for one hour

Four Session package (in person or virtual) – $280 ($20 savings)

“Dreams, God’s unspoken language.”  – John Sanford

(Discounts available for Haden Institute SD/DW students. Sliding scale opportunities available.)

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